How it began.

ZAVALA PATMARK's legal tradition dates back to the prestigious law firm known in the year of 1923 as Garfield & Rhoades, settled in Cleveland, Ohio, with a subsidiary branch in Mexico City run by the ever lasting frienship between Mr. Maurice Minchen and Gaspar Zavala De León, this last who contributed in a very active an important way, with his litigator skills to compensate the United States Nationals affected by the Revolution War in Mexico.

Mr. Minchen (born in Texas, U.S.A.), and Mr. Zavala De León (born in Sombrerete, Zacatecas, México) began their partnership after studying together at the Old School of Law (Antigua Escuela de Jurisprudencia, Mexico City).

Both foresaw the importance and potential of Intellectual Property, becoming pioneers and innovators in this significant legal area barely explored in our country those days. 

Mr. Zavala de León was an expert attorney, developing his professional practice from courtroom attorney to Judge of a Court of First Instance. Meanwhile, attorney Minchen demonstrated his profound knowledge both of Mexican and American laws, using his natural talents to attract business and develop a significant portfolio of trademarks and patents that emerged as a result of his efforts. His work earned the recognition of the United States Embassy as well as several U.S. companies.

After attorney Maurice Minchen passed away, his lifelong friend Gaspar Zavala de León, remained loyal to the legacy of effort and service that Minchen put into his professional law practice, starting a new partnership with another American attorney, Mr. Raúl Berry. Together they managed the thriving firm Berry & Zavala for more than two decades until Mr. Berry retired at the end of the 1980s. Thus, Mr. Zavala de León continued his professional practice in the field of Intellectual Property. The practice would later be inherited by the eldest of his seven sons, attorney Gaspar Zavala Maldonado, who, with hard work, honor and dedication, kept his father’s tradition of vocation and service alive for 40 more years. He took on the administration and management of the portfolio himself, and is currently the most senior founding partner of Zavala Patmark, S.C., a partnership established to continue the noble tradition of a Law Firm that is constantly moving forward, made up of firmly committed members who are devoted to the principles of order, honesty, loyalty, justice, and to their own vocation. The goal is for these values to be immediately recognizable in their daily actions, bringing full satisfaction to their clients as a result.

Still active as a consulting partner in Zavala Patmark, S.C. firm, Gaspar Zavala Maldonado has handed the reins of leadership over to his sons, Gaspar and Carlos Manuel who have worked together for more than two decades, alongside their team, characterized by the loyalty and seniority of its members.